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About Me

I am Kate Ellen, a dedicated mystic and medium and I would love to connect with you in what will likely be profound and wonderful ways.
Mediumship transcends geographical boundaries, meaning that I can connect via Zoom or Google Meet from right here in my space here in Auckland, New Zealand to wherever you are. I have even found that the connection is often stronger than in person readings!

I had my first spiritual awakening 18 years ago, which marked the beginning of a journey where I’ve delved into various mystic pursuits. These included developing my claire abilities, engaging in astral work, refining my intuition, and exploring psychic development.

My fascination with the mystical and the unseen has been a perpetual exploration, spanning tarot, energy healing, and Reiki, reaching all the way to occult studies and high-dimensional astral work. I’m also drawn to the strange and the paranormal, making me well-equipped to navigate the diverse energies and entities that surround us.

In all my offerings, I place a strong emphasis on chill, supportive, unawkard and usually fun experiences. I feel like I can usually intuitively discern what people need and how I can best assist them. If this is your first time engaging with mediumship, don’t worry I am more than happy to explain the process and make sure you feel comfortable and know what to expect with our time together. I welcome any questions before you book with me.
I am currently focusing my studies on the beautiful and somewhat absurd art form of mediumship full time. For all of 2024 I am studying trance mediumship in a 11-month mentorship under Tony Stockwell.

I’m genuinely excited to link with you and explore what the astral and spirit realms want to uncover for us both. I’m confident that we’ll experience some beautiful, deeply meaningful, and often outright astounding moments together!
After every single reading I am left in a state of awe and amazement at the ways spirit is able to communicate and how much evidence is able to be brought forward and I can’t wait to share these experiences with you.

I had the most wonderful reading with Kate.
She managed to connect with my dad, the first time that’s happened since he passed.
The things that came through were so spot on, and things that she couldn’t possibly have known!
Kate is so down to earth and lovely and was an absolute pleasure to connect with her!
Recommend with bells on.


I had a reading with Kate Ellen, and both my grandma and grandpa came through. It warmed my heart to know they are together again and that my whole family in the spirit world is together – and that the love remains. Kate had very specific moments of messages and words and images that spoke so clearly to me. She is gifted with the ability to perceive imagery from beyond. At one point my grandma hopped into Kate Ellen’s body to shake her finger at me and give some direct praise and admiration. To hear my grandma is proud of me and the mom I am today meant everything to me!


Hey Kate, thanks for your lovely mediumship session. Your accuracy was amazing!


Kate, it was such a joy having a reading from you today. You totally brought the essence of my grandfather through giving me information of what I’ve been doing presently and describing his character to a T. The way that you deliver messages is in such a caring and fun way. Everything that you said was true and I was so impressed how quickly you were able to connect with him. I left our session on a high and felt so loved. You did an amazing job and I would recommend anyone to you.


My reading with Kate was so special! She connected with someone I really wanted to hear from and brought through specific details that made the connection so personal for me. The session was beautiful and I’m so grateful! Thank you Kate!!


Hey Kate! Just wanted to share with you this picture of my mother in law. It’s the picture I always think of when I think of her. This is why it made SO MUCH sense when you said she was showing you phones. ❤️❤️ I know it probably felt like a random message for you but it was special for me. Just wanted to share!


The reading I had with Kate was great. She was able to make connections with three people that have passed. She brought forward evidence that was truly undeniable. An example of her remarkable work was when she was able to pinpoint the amount of grandchildren my grandma had which was a very unique, and unheard of number. On top of all the evidence she delivered, she gave me such heartfelt messages from my loved ones.


Very accurate 👌 and very nice lady who makes you feel comfortable in every aspect. You can easily connect with her without knowing each other. She has shown me the right path to choose as I was so confused before meeting her. Highly recommend. Thank you so much 💓 stay 😘 blessed.


I had some questions about which crystals to use for all aspects of life, and when I got a reply from her, I cannot explain the vibe I got was so positive as if there was a connection. She also did Tarot reading for me, everything from past and present were spot-on, and I am sure future will be as well. I can’t thank Kate enough for what she has done for me. She is very helpful and kind. God bless you always 🙏