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Distance / Online / Remote Reiki

You will have been provided with some great information during our pre-session chat so you don’t need to worry about doing ‘the right thing’. The great thing about Reiki is that it is, by definition, very ‘go with the flow.’

I will reach out to you, (most likely with great enthusiasm!) to share the experiences and impressions that emerged during our session. These may encompass channeled insights, messages, and intuitive impressions. I could also provide information regarding your Chakras or your auric field, as well as any encounters with guides or other entities that occurred during our time together.

How we do it
  • Find Your Space: Choose a comfortable and quiet space where you can relax without disturbances. During our pre session chat we will have gone over some appropriate situations or activites you can engage in during your session. You might be surprised at the spectrum of casual to ritualistic a Reiki session can be! If the idea of lying still for half an hour doesn’t do it for you, I am happy to guide you through the different options.
  • Set Your Intentions: Before the session, take a moment to set your intentions. You might say or think something like, “I am open to receiving healing energy for my highest good and well-being.” This will be something that we pre determine so we both know you will be getting the most from your session.
  • Prepare Yourself and Your Space: Sit or lie down in a comfortable position, whichever feels more relaxing to you. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself and prepare your space in any way that feels good to you. This could include lighting a candle or incense, putting on a relaxing playlist (or an intense one… whatever feels right for you!) Smudging your space is popular but it could also be as simple as just putting your phone on silent.
  • Visualize, Journey or Relax: As the session begins, you can choose to visualize me sending healing energy to you, or simply relax and be open to receiving the energy without any specific visualization. This is another thing that we can pre determine, there might be some specific techniques or visions that will help you get the most from your session. You will experience the same sensations that you would experience as if we were doing in person Reiki.
  • Be Receptive: Trust that the healing energy will flow to where it is needed most in your body and energy field. Be open to any sensations, emotions, or insights that may arise during the session. Some people report feeling warmth or coldness, seeing colours and images, tingling sensations, or deep relaxation during a distance Reiki session. Others may not feel anything but still benefit from the healing energy.
  • Enjoy it!: Relax and enjoy the experience. Think to yourself “I have done everything I need to do for right now, I am safe and this is exactly where I am supposed to be right now.”
  • Closing the Session: When the session is complete, I will disconnect the energy flow. You may gently open your eyes and take a few moments to reorient yourself at the designated time. I have found that a lot of times clients suddenly have an inner knowing about when the session is over and naturally open their eyes only to discover the time is exactly on the dot to end. If this doesn’t happen and you are off in another dimension or so relaxed you are actually asleep, just stay where your are as long as you want!
  • Reflect and Hydrate: Take a moment to reflect on your experience and any sensations or insights you may have had. Drink a glass of water to help with the energy integration process.