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Mystic Pyramid Scheme

Okay maybe not exactly a pyramid scheme but that idea is so humorous to me I need to call it that!

After your session, refer a friend and you both will receive $10 off your next booking!


How does it work though?

First just let me know that you would like to set this up.

I will create a unique code for you and your friends.

They just need to use this when they book and it will be applied at check out.

You can share my website:

My instagram:

My contact form:

Or even (because this is a pyramid scheme after all!) you could share on social media!!!!


In short… ALL OF THEM!

If your first session was a mediumship reading, you might be interested to have a Reiki session or a Tarot Reading next.

Your friend can use their $10 discount on anything they want too.

Yes! If you are lucky enough to have a lot of mystic minded friends that use your code, you can save up all your discounts to use whenever you want.

Don’t worry I got you. Just let me know any time you want to check and I can tell you what we are all up to.

Yes. Yes they are.

This isn’t really a pyramid scheme, I just think the idea is cosmically funny so I want to pretend it is one.

Basically I just LOVE giving readings and I want to make it as fun and as accessible to everyone as possible!

want more information?

Contact me!