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1:1 video sessions

Tarot Reading; with a side of Astrology and Intuition.

I'd be thrilled to connect with you via video and explore the insights the cards have in store for us. I am based in Auckland, New Zealand - Aotearoa and I love connecting with people from all across the planet!

Evidential Mediumship Reading
Another kind of reading


My work transcends geographical boundaries, allowing us to collaborate harmoniously from right here in my space here in Auckland, New Zealand to wherever you may be on this beautiful planet.

I would love for you to be a part of my world and follow me into the realm of evidential mediumship. I’m eager to continue to  follow this flow in passion, offering my services to those who cross my path.

I’ve committed myself to dedicating my studies, precious energy and time to this beautiful and somewhat absurd art form full time. Presently, I’m studying under two brilliant mediums from the U.K. and Canada. I am also spending all of 2024 in a mentorship under Tony Stockwell.

Please note: if possible please refrain from giving me any details about yourself or who you would like to connect with during booking. I would love having zero information as we go into our time together. I don’t even mind a fake name. (Honestly!)

I’m genuinely excited to link with you and explore what the astral realms want to uncover for us both. I’m confident that we’ll experience some beautiful, deeply meaningful, and often outright astounding moments together.

Tarot Reading - 45 min
ask the cards

Tarot Consultation

My primary deck of choice is the Thoth Tarot, but I also possess a diverse collection of Oracle and Tarot decks to enhance your reading. So, don’t be surprised if I quickly jump up and grab different decks following an insightful spark.

While I’ll always provide you with my interpretations of the cards, I often receive guidance from the spirit world and our guides during our sessions. I will get extremely animated and nod my head and flick around my fingers; that’s when you can tell what I am saying is coming from the other side or from a force that is much more intelligent than you or I!

With years of dedicated study in the art of tarot reading, my approach combines traditional meanings with layers of intuition and experience, delivering you the genuine and unfiltered significance of your cards.

But know… Thoth holds no prisoners! This deck is going to deliver blunt truths, and I have found time and time again that it is the most accurate for me. However, if you are after a more general and chill reading, I can stick with Rider Waite Smith or another deck that seems like the right fit. I can even bust out the Light Worker and Angel cards which will offer an whole different experience.

Usually I start with Thoth to lay the foundation then call on the other decks if needed.

Ultimately, this is your reading and I am happy to vibe with you!

ask the planets

Astrological Aspect

Additionally, with your permission, I usually take a look at your natal chart before our meeting. This allows me to establish an even deeper connection with your energy and provide more comprehensive guidance, it is a big picture thing and I am really excited to put it all together for you.

In the future I will be offering Astrology specific sessions, but for now think of it as a ‘free add on bonus’: Lucky you!

What does this actually look like?

The Questions


While all readings are of course different. I can give you a somewhat accurate idea of what we can experience together.

I can bring through one or more spirit communicators, they are usually really good at giving me some great evidence (work, memories, personality, relationships, sometimes some really specific details!) More often than not they are keen to pass on a message or guidance. Readings really do look a lot different every time, I do like to say… I don’t know what will happen, but I know SOMETHING will happen!

There are always disclaimers with mediumship though, if for some reason we aren’t happy with how things play out I am more than happy to offer you a refund. I will always make sure you are clear on what a reading is and what a reading isn’t, so we are both on the same page from the start.


A big part of my tarot readings is the discussion. If you come prepared with what you want to know, or even come in with an open mind and don’t mind letting the spark guide us, then we will have a great time.

If you are unsure of what is possible during a reading and what kind of questions are helpful to ask, feel free to ask me before booking!

If I am going to be honest, my passion lies in uncovering peoples spiritual gifts and links with their destiny. If you want to use the term ‘woo’, you are probably on the right track. But I prefer ‘Mystical Direction from the Divine Spark’.

I can certainly get down to it with career and love life topics but don’t be surprised when it comes with a spiritual aspect. Thoth really does set us straight though so if we are using that deck, you will be getting some direct answers in whatever realm we are looking into. Thoth actually keeps me grounded and stops me from getting to carried away with mystical flights.

Sometimes mystical flights are what are called for though, and I am here for it!

If you have any specific questions or seek insight into a particular aspect of your life, please feel free to let me know in advance. This can give me a chance to ask for guidance about specific spreads we can look at.


Nice Words

I had the most wonderful reading with Kate.
She managed to connect with my dad, the first time that’s happened since he passed.
The things that came through were so spot on, and things that she couldn’t possibly have known!
Kate is so down to earth and lovely and was an absolute pleasure to connect with her!
Recommend with bells on.



I had a reading with Kate Ellen, and both my grandma and grandpa came through. It warmed my heart to know they are together again and that my whole family in the spirit world is together – and that the love remains. Kate had very specific moments of messages and words and images that spoke so clearly to me. She is gifted with the ability to perceive imagery from beyond. At one point my grandma hopped into Kate Ellen’s body to shake her finger at me and give some direct praise and admiration. To hear my grandma is proud of me and the mom I am today meant everything to me!



Hey Kate, thanks for your lovely mediumship session. Your accuracy was amazing!



Kate, it was such a joy having a reading from you today. You totally brought the essence of my grandfather through giving me information of what I’ve been doing presently and describing his character to a T. The way that you deliver messages is in such a caring and fun way. Everything that you said was true and I was so impressed how quickly you were able to connect with him. I left our session on a high and felt so loved. You did an amazing job and I would recommend anyone to you.



My reading with Kate was so special! She connected with someone I really wanted to hear from and brought through specific details that made the connection so personal for me. The session was beautiful and I’m so grateful! Thank you Kate!!