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Distance / Online / Remote Reiki – 30 min.
$55 (NZD)

Why try a Distance / Remote / Online Reiki session?

Distance Reiki is a form of energy healing that transcends physical proximity, allowing me to channel healing energy to people who may be located anywhere in the world from my dedicated space here in Auckland, New Zealand, Aotearoa. Rooted in the principles of in person Reiki, this practice is based on the belief that energy knows no bounds and can be harnessed and directed for the purpose of promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Your Distance / Online / Remote Reiki session will just require a time and a place to be pre determined by us. Receiving a distance Reiki session is a simple and relaxing process. 


I am extremely flexible with my sessions so I am confident we can find a time that suits you.


You will get to hear anything interesting that comes up for me during a session. Usually a lot occurs and I am always really excited to share and also hear what happens for you too!


Your session will realign all energy bodies within your auric field and will balance all chakras.


The way I work is very relaxed and you will find the entire process, from your first consulation right through to our post-session reflection, nothing but smooth going and exciting.

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