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$70 (NZD)

I am Kate Ellen, a dedicated mystic, medium, and energy worker, ready to connect with you in what will likely be profound and wonderful ways.

My work transcends geographical boundaries, allowing us to collaborate harmoniously from right here in my space here in Auckland, New Zealand to wherever you may be on this beautiful planet.

I would love for you to be a part of my world and follow me into the realm of evidential and trance mediumship. I’m eager to continue to  follow this flow in passion, offering my services to those who cross my path.

I’ve committed myself to dedicating my studies, precious energy and time to this beautiful and somewhat absurd art form full time. Presently, I’m studying under two brilliant mediums from the U.K. and Canada. I am also spending all of 2024 in a mentorship under Tony Stockwell.

I’m genuinely excited to link with you and explore what the astral realms want to uncover for us both. I’m confident that we’ll experience some beautiful, deeply meaningful, and often outright astounding moments together. I am confident in my mediumistic abilities and I personally leave every reading in awe of what the spirit world and the people that are no longer with us in their earthly bodies are capable of.

What a Reading Can Look Like

While all readings are of course different. I can give you a somewhat accurate idea of what we can experience together.

I can bring through one or more spirit communicators, in fact I have connected with up to 7! They are usually really good at giving me some great evidence (work, memories, personality, relationships, usually some really specific details!) It is highly likely a message or guidance will come through but no matter what, you will receive clear and obvious validation that they are still walking beside you. Readings really do look a lot different every time, I do like to say… I don’t know what will happen, but I know SOMETHING will happen!

Current Offerings

I am always open to exchanges and I never want there to be financial barriers stopping people from being able to experience these wonderful connections. Please contact me if you would like to book a reading for a koha or pay what you can situation. Even more fun… I am happy to look at an exchange of wherever YOUR passions lie, whatever that may be, I would be happy to look at doing an swap for a reading.

Of course I am more than happy to just book you straight in for a session!

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